28th Street bike lane comes to completion

September 7, 2023 by No Comments

New photos showed the completion of the bike lane work on 28th Street in Baltimore. This included yellow divider striping, as well as installing flex posts. More photos of the project can be found here and this also marks a move towards the city using bicycles as one of the main forms of transport.

This news was released here by BaltimorecityDOT who also wrote: “We’re in the middle of a 3-year-long complete overhaul of the signal timing system in Baltimore. We’ll be posting more information on it soon.” In another comment, they also mentioned ticketing idle cars that had used the bike lane as a makeshift parking spot.


However, the work is not yet done when it comes to adding similar initiatives to other areas of the city. As well as this, there is a plan to add similar lanes to Washington Street which will connect the waterfront to Clifton Park. With this said, it may not be until early next year when these initiatives are fully completed due to the sheer size of re-shaping Baltimore’s roads. Like many cities across the US, Baltimore has spent lots of resources on transforming the transport of its city throughout the year to make way for a new, green-based system.

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