New Ice Cream Shop set to open in Jersey City

September 6, 2023 by No Comments

A new ice cream parlor is soon on its way to Jersey City. This was confirmed after an eagle-eyed resident noticed a hiring sign on a window and took a photo showing that the shop was nearly ready for business. Here, the sign read: ‘Harry’s. Selected natural ingredients. Home-made ice cream and tea masters. Now hiring for all positions. Coming soon!’

With this said, if you are after a job in the area then it it looks as though they’re hiring which was accompanied by an email address and phone number to contact if interested.


Interestingly, this looks to offer some unique flavors compared to regular ice cream. This is because there are subtle clues in the shop logo. Here, it has pictures of oranges and pineapples that indicate the ice cream here will be vastly different from your average vanilla or mint flavors.

The photo source was originally uploaded here and one user speculated that the location was at it looks like 175 Morgan Street. However, this is yet to be confirmed. On the same thread, another user claimed that this would offer Indian flavors which has also yet to be confirmed. Having said this, it is certainly possible based on the quirky flavors on show in the logo. As of right now, an official opening date has not been confirmed, nor is there a social media presence. We will keep you updated when more details emerge.

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