Mystery surrounds fire under Coburg Road Bridge

September 6, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday evening a photo was taken that showed a fire underneath one of Eugene’s oldest bridges. This happened under Coburg Road Bridge and at one point it was quite sizeable. According to the photographer, they immediately called the police and fire department. Shortly after this, the fire department put out the fire and the problem was solved. According to the PulsePoint app, the fire was quickly dealt with by three fire trucks roughly 30 minutes after the fire was first recorded.

Thankfully this didn’t go unnoticed as it could have easily spread and caused significant damage to the local wildlife as well as the underside of the bridge. Since the incident, there has been no available information on how it started. At this point, all options are on the table and it could have been manmade or caused naturally.


Historically homeless camps will often settle under bridges for strategic reasons, so this could have also been another possibility. It should also be known that wildfires are more prone around this time of year in Eugene and that Oregon in particular has more fires than certain other US states due to its climate. If any extra information is released surrounding the incident then we will give an update accordingly.


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