Locals praise new mock drawing of fictional Lexington Metro

September 6, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a Lexington local drew up a fictional metro system that has won critical acclaim from residents of the city. Here, the mock drawing showed a functional transport system that comprised 4 different lines to get to practically everywhere in the city. This was simplistic yet effective and shows what could be achieved if Lexington had a bigger budget.

This image was posted onto Reddit where users heaped praise on the possibility of connecting Nicholasville and Georgetown. This may have to do with the infamously bad traffic around Nicholasville which has been the annoyance of locals for many years now.


Speaking on the fictional metro line, the creator named Asterlan wrote: “I spent my afternoon with a plan: designing a metro for my hometown that can get you roughly where you need to go quickly while avoiding traffic, nicknamed the H.O.R.S.E. (Highspeed Outline of Rail and Subway Entourages). I know Lexington’s not really dense enough for something of this scale, so I made an assumption of about twice as many people in a similar urban growth boundary.”

As is often the case with these fantasy drawings, they are just that. There is often two key reasons why these never materialise which is based on money and logistics. However, from a fictional point of view this is undoubtedly impressive.

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