Huge lines at Laguna Niguel Cabot Costco location due to Heather Ridge location closure

September 6, 2023 by No Comments

Due to the ongoing work taking place at the Heather Ridge Costco location, this means that the Laguna Niguel Cabot location now has huge lines. It was announced months back that the former would be installing new gas pumps which would take time to install.

In short, this means that its closure is only temporary. Nonetheless, this has created a knock-on effect that has seen the latter become overwhelmed with cars looking for cheap gas. Historically, Costco gas has always attracted plenty of customers, and lines aren’t too uncommon. However, as seen in the image below these queues are not normal even by Costco standards.


As mentioned in the link above, the Laguna Niguel location will be out of action until early October. This means that Orange County residents who enjoy Costco’s gas will face a slew of miserable lines until then. Of course, there are other alternatives elsewhere and it goes without saying that Costco gas is not the only option.

As mentioned by several locals here, Acro has similarly priced gas compared to Costco while also having zero lines as well. So, until the Laguna Niguel location is fully operational it looks like Costco gas shopping will be like this for the foreseeable future.

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