Des Moines residents claim air smells sweet – And no one knows why

September 6, 2023 by No Comments

Over the past two days, Des Moines residents have spoken en masse about a sweet aroma that has filled the air. Undoubtedly, this is not normal but it’s not just one or two people that have mentioned it earlier. Originally, a resident named Vike Clones mentioned it on his Twitter page. This was confirmed by several other Iowans who replied to his status also claiming similar smells.

However, no one was able to confirm where the smell had come from. One Twitter user speculated that it could have come from Tones in Ankeny. However, this was pure speculation. It wasn’t just the Twittersphere who smelled it either. Over on the Des Moines Reddit section, a thread discussed the possible origins of the smells. Here, some claimed that it smelt like marzipan, while one user in Prairie City also claimed to be able to smell almonds.

As mentioned, there has been no evidence to say where this smell has come from, nor does anyone know when it will end. However, if you are concerned that this odor may be damaging to your health then you can always call the Des Moines odor helpline. Until the city of Des Moines comes out with an official statement, it looks as though the residents will be left in the dark as to where this mysterious smell has come from.

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