Cincinnati gets a visit from the Wienermobile – Under its new name

September 6, 2023 by No Comments

This week, the beloved Oscar Mayer Frankmobile, measuring a whopping 27 feet, will be rolling into the Cincinnati area. This iconic vehicle, formerly known as the Wienermobile, will make appearances at local Kroger stores and events starting on Wednesday. Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to explore the renowned Wienermobile, offering Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, and they’ll even receive a wiener whistle as a keepsake.

If you want to keep up with the Frankmobile and its whereabouts in Cincinnati then you can check out its location here.

The Wienermobile made its debut in 1936 when Carl Mayer, the nephew of the company’s founder, Oscar Mayer, conceived the idea of a 13-foot metal hot dog on wheels to transport the brand’s spokesperson. This May, the Wienermobile officially adopted the name Frankmobile as a tribute to the company’s shift towards producing 100% beef franks.


There are six Frankmobiles that traverse the country year-round, and this week marks the first-ever visit of the colossal hot dog to Cincinnati under its new moniker, the Frankmobile. Oscar Mayer has rebranded its iconic “Wienermobile,” the famous hot dog-shaped vehicle, in conjunction with the introduction of a revamped recipe for their 100% Beef Franks. In an official statement, the Oscar Mayer company has expressed its commitment to embarking on a new chapter and implementing modifications to align with this updated recipe for their beef franks.

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