Augusta Animal Services announces emergency due to full kennels

September 6, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Augusta Animal Services announced an emergency as their dog kennels reached full capacity. Here, they released an information pamphlet that urged Augusta residents to keep their dogs, avoid breeding and ideally adopt dogs rather than go for designer ones.

This was put on their official Facebook page which also had a caption reading: “Our dog runs are full to capacity, and we need help from the community! Please do the best you can to keep your own dog! This could include looking for an apartment that allows dogs instead of one that doesn’t, watching YouTube videos about training, or even just making the most of the little time you have to spend with the dog instead of surrendering it. Please do not breed your dog! This is true in general, but it’s especially true of pit bulls. There is no such thing as a rare pit bull! The entire county is drowning in them.”

Augusta Animal Services//Facebook

Unfortunately, if dog pounds reach full capacity then this can sometimes result in dogs being euthanized which is an unpleasant reality. This shows just how urgent their plea is and that hopefully, the Augusta community will respond in kind. On a similar note, if you are interested in adopting a dog then you can contact them here to make enquires.


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