9/11 Tribute lights sighted on September 5th – But there is a simple reason why

September 6, 2023 by No Comments

Since the 9/11 attack, every year since New York City has paid homage on the same date every year. Here, two large, blue lights shine into the NYC sky out of respect for those lost in the attacks. This is a normal sight on 9/11 and is to be expected. However, New Yorkers were confused when they saw the lights beaming into the sky on September 5th. So, why was this done, and what does it mean?

According to journalist Jennifer Mascia, this is a standard procedure and happens every year days before 9/11. This is a rehearsal to test the lights are fully functioning to make sure everything runs smoothly when required.

Despite this, it still didn’t stop a number confused of New Yorkers from speculating about why the lights were on. Here, some speculated that it could be some kind of malfunction, and in fairness, if you didn’t know then it may be puzzling. As the experienced journalist Jennifer Mascia put it herself: “They do this every year, and every year it takes me by surprise: rehearsal for the Tribute in Light.”

This year will mark 22 years since the devastating attacks on 9/11 and as will always be the case, New York will never forget its fallen even if it is many years later.

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