Uniontown Police car blasted for parking in Walmart handicap bay

September 5, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a Uniontown resident took to a public Facebook group to blast the parking skills of a local police officer. As seen in the image below, the police car had clearly parked in the designated handicap spot. According to the angry resident, this happened while the parking lot had plenty of spaces elsewhere, while the cop car did not display any handicap tags either.

Specifically, they wrote: “Uniontown Police Department, I hope you’re proud of your police officer that was parked at Walmart in Selma this morning Labor Day in a handicapped spot. (They) had no handicap tag and no plaque hanging on the mirror. Before anybody complains, there were plenty of places she could’ve parked in that were not marked handicap.”

This post garnered over 20 responses from other Uniontown locals who were in agreement, with one even claiming that the police officer was entitled and that Walmart also has specific parking bays for law enforcement. On the same Facebook post, others joked that they must have been in a rush to get donuts.


At the same time, it should be noted that sometimes police will park erratically when in a hurry. It goes without saying that due to the volatile nature of their job, sometimes they may make quick decisions that look selfish without context. Regardless of whether this was the case, clearly this caused public outrage and wasn’t a good look for the Alabama police department. They have yet to respond.


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