Seventh Son building gets epic mural by local artist

September 5, 2023 by No Comments

Seventh Son Brewery has long been one of the biggest institutions in Columbus and has provided the city locals with beer for decades. Arguably however, its building has looked a bit plain and mundane. This is perhaps why it recently got a makeover from a local artist named Dillon Beck.

As seen in the image below, it uses a lot of colors and various shapes to create a unique-looking piece. This certainly livened up the building while also leaving a patch of the old brickwork in the corner.

Speaking on his Instagram page, Beck gave an insight into his idea for the project and wrote: “Stairs are a fun and meaningful visual element to me because they imply motion without implying direction – one viewer might be ascending the stairs, and another might be descending them. In that way, the mural is open to individual interpretation, but still bright, colorful, and welcoming. It’s only fitting that it adorns the side of Seventh Son Brewing, a place that has seen consistent growth and is also a bright, colorful, and welcoming place! Great beer, too.”

Based on the response to his artwork, this was a massive hit with the local community as the compliments began pouring in. The mural is literally a couple of days old at this point so head on down to Seventh Son brewery to check it out as it truly is eyecatching.

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