New fast food joint set to open in St. Louis

September 5, 2023 by No Comments

St. Louis is set to get a new fast food restaurant. This was hinted at by a poster that read ‘Coming soon – Chicago. Fish. Chicken. Grill.’ The poster was put up on the wall of the previously owned Imo’s Pizza location. In other words, this marks a change from Italian pizza to a Chicago grill. Clearly, where one chain restaurant failed, another believes they can do better and make it work. It is not known when the new venture will open or if they will do Chicago-style pizzas and hotdogs. Nonetheless, this sign indicates that it will be coming soon.


In fact, this may be coming sooner than you think. As Imo’s previously owned the spot, there’s a chance that it could still be fitted with relevant catering equipment and other fittings such as tables and chairs for customers. The announcement of the new venue drew a mixed response from St. Louis locals, with some favoring Imo’s. Others claimed that this may not be authentic Chicago food either. The good news is that if you are a fan of Imo’s pizza, is that St. Louis still has a few shops dotted around other parts of the city. Nonetheless, time will tell if this new venture will do better than the one of its predecessors.

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