New connection routes proposed for Fish Creek trail

September 5, 2023 by No Comments

Anchorage’s Fish Creek Trail has had new transport routes proposed by Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions (AMATS). This would open up the trail considerably and change the landscape by adding more trails along the Alaska railroad. Of the changes, perhaps one of the biggest is the addition of two new paths that would go around the Fish Creek estuary. This can be seen in the mock illustration below.

If this gets the green light then the federal government would pay $1 million towards re-structuring the creek. However, whether this actually happens or not remains to be seen. In fact, these proposals have already had some kickback.

Anchorage Parks and Recreation//Facebook

This is because certain Anchorage residents have tried to get the land lease extended by 95 years, which would effectively veto the project and any progress toward it. Not only this but there is a second problem. This is because the creek has already been infiltrated by a number of homeless campers who would need moving on and constant surveillance.

With this being said, whether this actually goes ahead is unknown, and talk of it beginning has rumbled on since 2021. If it did get the all-clear then it may not be done for a few years anyway due to a combination of red tape and logistical reasons.

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