Huge fire rips through Northside home with smoke seen from miles away

September 5, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday evening around 6 PM, a San Antonio home in Shadywood Ln caught fire and was completely destroyed as a result. Such was the velocity of the flames, is that the smoke could be viewed from far away.

The image below shows how the plumes could be seen from North Star Mall behind the Sammy’s Embroidery store. As of right now, there is currently an investigation going on surrounding the origins of the fire. It is possible that this developed naturally due to the intense heat in the region. However, at this point saying this was responsible would be speculation.


According to this report, the home was completely demolished in the aftermath which shows just how devastating the flames where in terms of destroying the entire property.

Following the complete destruction of the residence, CPS Energy personnel and firefighters provided support to the demolition teams by ensuring the safety of power lines and extinguishing residual hot spots and minor fires. At this point in time, there is no information surrounding the residents of the property and whether anyone was harmed during the fire. However, based on the above report nothing was mentioned in terms of people being involved so we can only hope that this was a derelict property and didn’t have people living there.

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