Glenwood-Brookline neighborhood goes to war between property developers and NIMBY’s

September 5, 2023 by No Comments

The Glenwood-Brookline neighborhood has proposed a change to the city’s comprehensive plan to reduce the density of the development around the future city park. In short, they are requesting equal treatment to what has been provided to comparable neighborhoods in the Raleigh area. The rationale the city initially employed to categorize it as a core transit zone, with plans for a BRT on West St./Johnston, is no longer being pursued.

This comes after plans of constructing a structure exceeding 20 stories on the opposite side of the railroad tracks from this community which mirrors the argument previously made by Boylan Heights, advocating for density restrictions on the other side of the tracks from their neighborhood.


In short, there are two sides to this argument. On the one hand, certain residents want to preserve their beloved neighborhood. On the other hand, others claim that this is selfish and that the people of Glenwood-Brookline have already benefited from years of huge price rises in the area. Regardless of your political stance on such issues, it looks like this one will rumble on far into the future and often these issues can take years to resolve. Not only this but the outcome often leads to one side being disappointed and let down with their rivals the far happier of the two. For more information on the issue check out the plans from Raleigh City.


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