Fresh International Market set to open in Lincoln this weekend

September 5, 2023 by No Comments

Lincoln, Nebraska is set to get a new supermarket this Friday. Specifically, we’re talking about the opening of Fresh International Market which will be the first of its kind in Lincoln. This is a fairly small chain that was originally formed in 2011 and has slowly expanded ever since. As the title of this supermarket suggests, this mostly involves fresh food and has a strong emphasis on serving authentic Asian cuisine. So, if you cross Whole Foods with real Asian food, then Fresh International Market is the outcome.

Located at 5220 0 St. Lincoln, NE 68510, this has been in the works since February and it officially opens at 11 AM. However, as seen below, the full-opening will actually take place one week later.

Overall, this can only be a good thing for Lincoln as it will create jobs and bring money into the area. Another obvious benefit of this is that it will also serve locals healthy, fresh food while also giving an alternative option to supermarkets in the area. It also goes without saying that if you love Asian food then this store will undoubtedly be on your tick list due to the sheer amount of Asian food and imports it has on offer. Whole Foods Lincoln, look out as there’s a new kid on the block!


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