Footage shows that bike lane is now quicker than car transport in downtown Albuquerque

September 5, 2023 by No Comments

A recently uploaded Reddit video showed just how much faster it can be traveling in the bike lane compared to traveling via car. Here, a bike whizzed through traffic in downtown Albuquerque which showed it was the most efficient mode of transport. At the same time, many of the cars were barely moving due to the sheer amount of congestion.

Responding to the video, one Reddit user wrote: “My 10 mile commute to work is the same if I drive or bike. I prefer to bike. It puts me in a better mood at work when I don’t have to deal with Albuquerque drivers” which was a sentiment shared by others in the thread. Although driving via car is still far quicker around the city, this is an example of rush hour traffic downtown which has always been infamous for slow traffic.

Over the years, bike lanes have at times proven to be divisive with some arguing that they are mostly empty and a waste of resources. On the other hand, cyclists have rejoiced with the addition of cycling lanes, and with footage like the video showed above, you can understand why they’re so happy. There’s also more good news on the way for cyclists as Albuquerque city has also announced plans to add more bike lanes around the city which may even help ease the flow of traffic as well.

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