Customer confused after receipt charges more for card than cash

September 5, 2023 by No Comments

A Dallas diner recently voiced their confusion after receiving a receipt after eating out. Here, the bill had two options, one being $241.40 if paid in cash, with the other option being $248.64 if paid by card. This meant a difference of roughly three percent and it was literally printed on the receipt for all to see.

According to the customer, this took place at Maison Chinoise in Dallas which for the most part has stellar reviews. This receipt was posted on the website Reddit where other Dallas locals discussed the legitimacy of the discount with one claiming that it went against the venue’s perceived high-end image.


This prompted one user named Cerebral Accountant who said: “It’s illegal for businesses (but not the government!) to add a credit card surcharge, but it’s perfectly legal to offer a cash discount, like Spec’s has done for years. The key is that the advertised price on the menu, price tag, etc. needs to be the higher price, not the lower one.”

So, it looks as though this practice is not illegal and is often done elsewhere. Oftentimes, restaurants and shops will promote payment by cash to avoid paying credit card charges which can sometimes cost several percent of the total sale. Nonetheless, you can understand how it may detract from the dining experience by making the establishment feel cheaper due to trying to scrape pennies on the bill.


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