Boston’s most expensive condo just went up for sale – And its price may shock you

September 5, 2023 by No Comments

Priced at a whopping $35,000,000, this is the most expensive condo ever listed for sale in Boston. Located in the desirable tower of Dalton St, this also has 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms which sprawls across 7,557 sqft. With this said, although it’s technically a condo the square footage suggests otherwise and this has more space than most Boston houses. Undoubtedly though, the main attraction of this apartment is its stunning views across the city. Arguably, this is the price of luxury living, and seems that you can actually put a price on scenic views. Specifically, that price is $35,000,000.


As seen the views are stunning and the high ceilings only add to the aesthetic. This isn’t your average condo and even has room for a grand piano, large table, double bed, and copious amounts of extra furniture. Speaking of which, it looks like vast parts of this condo aren’t furnished so you may need to do some shopping!


Aside from this, it also comes with other luxuries that you’d expect such as a high-end gym, swimming pool, bar, and lounge. Now for the ugly stuff. Aside from the humungous mortgage repayments, this also comes with a monthly HOA fee of over $27,000. Yes, you read that right. Keep an eye on this property as it will be interesting to see if it actually sells for the desired price, as it may prove to be too expensive for even the wealthiest Bostonians.


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