BMW crashes into dentist’s office causing huge cavity

September 5, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a BMW crashed into an Austin dentist’s office. Specifically, this happened at Buttercup Dental on Cypress Creek Road. The incident was documented on the dentist’s Facebook page which included a full description of events that were accompanied by photos of the aftermath. As seen in the photo below, there was a considerable amount of damage done to both the car and the building. This was the result of the car losing control and veering off the road directly into the front room.

Speaking on the issue, the dentist wrote: “Around 5:00 today a vehicle lost control and hit our building. No one at Buttercup Dental was working, so everyone is ok. Due to the damage, we will be closed for at least a few days. Thank you for all your calls & texts. They are sincerely appreciated. Prayers for the driver of the vehicle.”

Buttercup Dental//Facebook

Luckily, this incident occurred on a holiday when no one was working or in the building. Had this been on a regular day then it could have easily turned fatal. Speaking of damage, it looks like this will require quite a lot of effort and money to rebuild the office which was obliterated by the car. As mentioned by the dentist, hopefully the driver was okay as well. At this moment in time, we are still awaiting details and will provide an update in due course.


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