UAW members walk march on Michigan Labor Day Parade

September 4, 2023 by No Comments

The Labor Day weekend saw thousands of UAW members and sympathizers march in Detroit for better working rights. Here, they held up placards reading ‘United for a strong contract’ and ‘Saving the American dream’. This comes after fears of a strike loom due to recent UAW actions where the group feels like they are getting a bad deal when working with certain automobile giants.

On the same day, UAW President Shawn Fain said this during a speech: “To the Big Three, hear this: We’re not just numbers on a spreadsheet or hands on an assembly line. We are the heart and soul of the auto industry.”

Overall, this march is to be expected given the exact name of the holiday and its specific relevance. This is particularly close to the hearts of a lot of union workers in Detroit in particular, where the UAW has always had a hotbed of support. This is due to Detroit’s historically close ties with the car industry and its working-class population who have often stood behind the UAW.

It is not known what will happen between the UAW and the big three (Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis) however based on this weekend’s rumblings, it looks like the two could be heading for a collision course any day soon.


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