The cheapest property in Anchorage was just listed on the market – Here’s what to know

September 4, 2023 by No Comments

The cheapest liveable property has recently been put up for sale in Anchorage. This is for sale at $36,000 which is a far cry from the median Anchorage price of $397,000. In fact, this means that’s literally under ten percent of your typical property in the area. Unfortunately, this property comes listed with one photograph which doesn’t really show us much. Understandably, this may not be a good thing either as potential home-owners may have to see the house for themselves before deciding on buying it.

According to Zillow, this property would cost roughly $230 per month in mortgage payments which is a real bargain. However, it does come with a pretty annoying lease charge of $600 per month which covers sewage and garbage. In other words, you’d be looking at a minimum of paying $830 per month if you took on this property.


From the outside, this looks like a trailer with a roof that acts as a parking space. These are fairly common buildings that can be found in the cheaper parts of the city. At 850 square feet, it’s not exactly large either but surprisingly it does come with three bedrooms so it doesn’t sound as small as you may assume. Despite not exactly being the crown jewel in Anchorage real estate, this property could still act as a good starter home for someone who is keen to get on the property ladder. It also shows that if you’re creative enough, there’s still deals to be had at low cost.

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