Mock design goes viral after showing alternate Subway map

September 4, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a San Francisco resident drew up a mock drawing for the BART system. Founded in 1957, this transit route has served the city well for generations. However, as is often the case with transport systems, they can sometimes struggle to accommodate a growing population. Perhaps this is why the San Franciscan drew up the mock subway route which is a fantasy of how good things could be with an unlimited budget.

This map was uploaded to the website Reddit and received a warm response. Here, one person replied: “I would love access to Ocean Beach like this, especially for my family. I live in the Mission and bike out there all the time but it’d be great to head out there for dinner or whatever. I like it out there and wish I could share it more with my family. We don’t have a car so it’s tough to get there unless we call a Lyft.”


As seen in the above image, no stone was left unturned and this would be the dream scenario for many locals. This is because getting around the city would become incredibly easy to get from A to B. Sadly though, this is just a fantasy, and the reality of this becoming a reality is slim to none. Nonetheless, it acts as a good indicator of how good things could be and makes for a fun read on a rainy day.

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