Locals shocked as ‘White Power’ pamphlets flood Orlando neighborhood

September 4, 2023 by No Comments

While most of the country celebrated Labor Day weekend peacefully, Florida experienced a slew of white supremacist marches, including one in Orlando. Here, members of the march openly displayed Swastika memorabilia and were less than subtle about their intentions.

It shouldn’t be too surprising then, that a number of ‘White power’ pamphlets were found this morning across a neighborhood in Orlando. Specifically, these were found in Dr Phillips and these leaflets came with a QR code which led to even more vitriol. This leaflet read: ‘White victims of diversity. The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people.’


Images of the pamphlets were uploaded to the website Reddit, where users expressed their disappointment at the message. Other users also claimed that they had also received the same pamphlets in areas such as Lake Nona. Strangely, these pamphlets were also stored in bags with cat litter, which may have been an attempt to gain more recognition from locals instead of the leaflets flying off in the wind.

Unfortunately, this isn’t too surprising given the context of the weekend. Nonetheless, it is still a chilling reminder of certain hate groups that live in various US communities. Since the incident, the Orlando police department has been alerted and undoubtedly, they will have had a very busy weekend dealing with similar incidents.


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