Locals delighted with San Jose Monster Jam event

September 4, 2023 by No Comments

This weekend, San Jose hosted a mega Monster Jam event which saw a host of beefed-up cars performing an array of crazy stunts and trucks. The Monster Jam company was founded in 1992 and since then has been going strong ever since. During this period of over 30 years, it has visited San Jose many times and has developed an avid fanbase in the city.

As seen in the video below, one of the cars literally balanced on its back tires while hopping along the terrain. Here, the trucks are scored on elements such as speed and skills which means that it’s actually a highly technical affair with a lot of expertise involved by the drivers. Because of this, it is speculated that Monster Jam drivers can take home a handsome salary.

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On one website, a viewer who went over the weekend described it as ‘fire’. Not only this, but another enthusiast claimed that the ticket prices were cheap at $20 which in this economy is not bad by anyone’s standards.

Unfortunately, if you missed it then you’ll have to wait until next time which will be at some point during the next year. Luckily though, Monster Jam has always favored San Jose so the chance of it returning is higher than most other cities.

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