Disgruntled Huntington Beach resident creates bizarre anti-establishment website

September 4, 2023 by No Comments

As a local living in any US city, you’re more than in your rights to criticize local government. This is what one Huntington Beach resident did recently as they made a website attacking city officials. In fairness, this isn’t your average US city and locals have a lot to moan about. This is the city that appointed Tito Ortiz after all.

The opening paragraph on the site reads: “The current City Council majority is proposing changes to the City Charter that deny your rights as a citizen of Huntington Beach. These changes would compromise residents’ voting rights, make our elections less secure, and would significantly alter the balance of power in our city government.”

In short, the website continues and is based on rights being taken away from the average citizen. It also talks about recent changes giving the city attorney more power and control compared with before. The site ends by saying “Protect Huntington Beach” is a group of concerned residents of HB who want to increase residents’ awareness of these proposed Charter changes and the effect they will have.”

While it’s nice to see people sticking up for personal liberties and rights, perhaps one of the pitfalls of this site is that it offers little in terms of solutions. Huntington Beach locals can sign up in a form but aside from this it seems to be missing a focal point. Overall, it will be interesting to see where this site goes in the future and whether it’s genuinely helpful or a bizarre crusade heading nowhere fast.

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