Boise gets a new Asian restaurant after popular original location

September 4, 2023 by No Comments

Popular Asian eatery Ling & Louie’s has recently opened a new location in Boise. This comes after their original location has enjoyed a lot of success both commercially and critically in the area. The new location was opened on Labor Day weekend and is now officially open for business. Specifically, the new restaurant is located at 2288 N. Garden St. Boise, ID 83706 on the Boise River. This has the same opening hours as the original location as well as a similar menu. Overall, this seems like a smart decision considering how popular the original location is.

Already, the new location has a total of 5 Google reviews which is a good start but pales in comparison with the thousands of reviews that have been left on the original Boise joint. Like the first location, it also has a similar decor and ambiance about it. Interestingly, Ling & Louie’s also has quite a few other places dotted around the country, so it isn’t just exclusive to Boise either. Over the years, Ling & Louie’s has earned a stellar reputation due to offering the finest sushi and Chinese food in the city. If nothing else, the restaurant is a good example that the food business is still alive and kicking in 2023, and with enough skill and creativity restaurants can still thrive in the current economic climate.


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