Jersey City Whole Foods announces outside dining area – Coming Soon

September 3, 2023 by No Comments

This morning, a Jersey City resident photographed a new Whole Foods initiative. This was a sign on the outside of the building that read, ‘Whole Foods Coming soon’ which was accompanied by various tables and chairs next to the sidewalk. Sadly, this may be a couple of months too late as Jersey City fall season is just around the corner. Nonetheless, as a long-term dining option, it is quite a nice addition to the city and seems like a sensible idea by Whole Foods.

Although primarily used as a grocery store, Whole Foods also offers fresh meals that can be eaten instantly, so it is understood that this is why the outdoor dining section has been added. We interviewed a local man named Jason DeBlass who said: “I like the idea. I’m sure people will use it and it makes sense. Overall I’ve liked it since they (Whole Foods) have come to town.”


Since opening in the city last year, Whole Foods has been welcomed with open arms and seems to have marked its stamp on the place. However, it does make you wonder about the longevity of outdoor eating due to the nature of the city. Due to some of the people (and weather elements) the tables and chairs may not last very long but only time will tell. Nonetheless, this is still a nice idea and one that will hopefully add a bit of character to the area.

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