Mobile-Hoarder Car dangerously carrying bags spotted on crossroads

September 2, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a mobile-hoarder was seen driving with a mass of bags attached to their car. This was definitely not legal, as the bags covered the plate, rear window, and also touched the ground due to their weight. In short, this certainly wasn’t a case of fitting a bag onto your trunk and was far from ordinary. To make things even crazier, the car even had bags hanging from the wing mirrors too.

Although spotted in Dallas this car has also been sighted in other areas of Texas too. Speaking on Reddit, one person wrote: “That person has been living in their car for a while. I see it parked around East Plano often. It was at K and Parker earlier this week.”


One eagle-eyed viewer even spotted bananas in one of the bags which can actually be seen if you zoom in enough. In fact, it turns out that a lot of people had seen the same car around other parts of Dallas, so this wasn’t a one-off either and seems to be a pretty regular occurrence.

This makes you wonder how this car is actually getting away with it, seeing as it’s not just zany but is also an act of very dangerous driving which can put the lives of others in danger due to obscured vision and driving with a heavier weight than usual. Although unusual, mobile hoarding has become more common in recent times.


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