Iconic Charlotte Cinema set for demolition

September 2, 2023 by No Comments

It’s been a year since Cinebarre shut its doors in Charlotte and now it looks to be going forever. If local movie fans had hoped for some kind of buyout or takeover, these dreams have now been dashed in the wind. This is because an image appeared on Facebook yesterday that showed that it truly was the end for Cinebarre.

Here, the venue was surrounded by fences and diggers could be seen beginning the demolition process. Until now, there was even speculation that it could be made into something completely different altogether such as offices, apartments, or retail space. Regardless, it looks like it will now be completely removed.


Cinebarre first opened in 2012 and enjoyed a 10 year run. However, after Covid lockdowns hit, it never seemed to recover financially and was eventually closed last year. Since its closure, one of the biggest theories is that it could be turned into a bank.

Clearly, whoever owns the land has some kind of plans going forward. However, these won’t be revealed until the future and there is also the small issue of actually demolishing the cinema for now. For those growing up with this cinema though, it may be an emotional goodbye as this place was filled with lots of memories and represents the last of a bygone era.

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