Playful Plane draws images in Buffalo skies

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

It’s not every day that you can look up into the skies and see an array of weirdly drawn images in cloud form. However, this morning Buffalo residents got treated to a number of funny objects which undoubtedly put a smile on their faces. Speaking of which, the airplane in question drew two smiley faces over Cheektowaga at one point.

Elsewhere, the sky-based artist also drew a love heart and various other images. So, why did this happen in Buffalo of all places?


It turns out that this was the work of a famous pilot named Nathan Hammond who is also known as Ghostwriter. He was in the area ready for a show where he uses his airplane to draw images. According to Hammond, he calls this technique ‘Skywriting’ which is when he draws certain images in the skies.

Overall, this is a pretty unusual sight and clearly requires a high level of skill. Unfortunately, if you missed it, then that’s about it as this isn’t the kind of common thing you’ll often see when out and about. Luckily, a decent number of residents were able to snap these drawings before they faded away. Sadly, the artist failed to draw a picture of a buffalo, which would have definitely been a special touch.


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