Locals delighted as unusual mural lights up Cincinnati streets

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

Arguably, some parts of Cincinnati can be described as overly-grey and a little mundane. So, it’s nice that every once in a while, a street artist comes along and literally adds color to the landscape. This artwork was spotted by a passerby on Northside and it turns out that it was done by a known artist called Scribe. Judging by his Instagram account, Scribe has also done plenty of similar work around other big US cities and has quite a following. It’s clear as to why that is as well because the artwork has a pretty unique and interesting style.


As seen, the design is pretty quirky and vibrant which is often what dreary buildings could do with. It also has plenty of detail and is clearly the work of a seasoned professional. Speaking on the artist’s Instagram account, a man named Robert Hoops wrote: “Thank you for all you do. Your art is so profoundly comforting.” For some, this is a lot more than graffiti.

Based on the style of this work, it looks as though this was a legal, commissioned piece instead of rogue, illegal graffiti. If you have any similar photos of impressive art pieces around Cincinnati then drop us a line in the comments. Arguably, this is one thing that this city could do a little more with.

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