Locals confused as Knoxville property gets covered with roof mat – However, there is a simple explanation

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

It’s no secret that the last few weeks have been tough for Knoxville residents, as the city has battled storms and tornadoes that have quite literally ripped up the landscape. Naturally, this has displaced certain parts of the city and this has made for some pretty unusual sights.

Perhaps the most extreme example of this is one house at Kingston Pike and Sanwood which has a literal roof sloped over it, like a doormat. What’s even more bizarre is that this roof still looks completely intact as if it was purposely placed there. Such is the invasive nature of this roof is that it also covers most of the house, blocking sunlight from the front windows in the process.


Speaking on the strange situation, one local wrote: “Is that seriously still there after nearly 4 weeks? It came from Service King next door.” while another added: “I’ve passed it a few times and wondered where it came from, haha.”

According to the above, this means that the temporary roof has been sitting on top of the property in question for over a month which is just as puzzling as the sight itself. On a separate note, hopefully the home owner can get it sorted sooner rather than later and this is also a good example of how sometimes, mother nature can be an incredible force to reckon with.

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