Footage shows truck dangerously dragging car across BQE

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway experienced a bizarre and potentially dangerous scenario yesterday evening when a large container truck dragged the car in front of it through traffic. Here, it looks as though the truck ignorantly made contact with the car and continued to drive forward while attached to the much smaller vehicle.

At first glance, it doesn’t look as though this was an act of road rage, as the truck wasn’t driving particularly aggressively, nor were they going at a significant speed. Luckily for the car, there was lots of traffic, as this could have ended much worse under different circumstances.

Speaking on Reddit, the New Yorker who recorded the incident had this to say: “As far as I could tell the car was in front of the truck before the merge hit. Could be wrong though. The truck was slowly pushing it along before I got this part on video. Didn’t seem aggressive enough to be road rage. More likely to be he didn’t see the car because it was so low.”

Perhaps one of the worst aspects of the video was the screeching sound made by the car’s metal as it got forced along the expressway. Although a rare occurrence, sometimes this can happen when the truck’s vision is obscured and the vehicle in front of them makes contact. Thankfully, this situation ended without serious consequences.

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