Eccentric Pirate Ship house goes up for sale in Florida – Its price may shock you

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

If you’re after a unique property in Florida, then this may be exactly what you’re looking for. It has just gone onto the market and is located on Horseshoe Beach. In fact, its location is quite literal, as it even has decking that leads out to the sea. So, if you’re a fan of beaches and living like a pirate then this property may be appealing. For everyone else, it may be too eccentric for the average person’s taste.

For instance, not only is it decked out with nautical decor and lots of wood, but it also comes complete with a cannon and ship wheel. Although this property has plenty of character and novelty features, its price tag of $595,000 may be too offputting for most people considering it’s a literal boat.


As seen in the photos above, this property certainly requires a very niche taste. Sadly, it is only 544 sqft and has one bedroom meaning that for its price, it’s also pretty small. This roughly translates to paying $3,700 in mortgage payments every month as well.


Despite being charming, something tells us that this property will take quite a while to sell due to its specific taste. Clearly, your average Floridian will not be a target for this land-locked pirate ship so it may be quite some time until it gets a new captain.


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