Detroit billboard graffiti mocks Morgan & Morgan advert – But some claim all is not what it seems

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

In recent months, the growth of the law firm Morgan & Morgan has become ever more present and now it’s not too uncommon to see billboards advertising their firm. For those out of the loop, Morgan & Morgan is a giant company that has over 800 lawyers and more than 40 offices. Here, they specialize in personal injury and have even been compared to McDonald’s due to their sheer size.

Despite their success, it seems that not everyone is a fan. Today, a billboard on I75 South at Mack in Detroit had seemingly been modified by graffiti. It originally said, “For the people” but had been changed to spell “For the money”. It also had money bags painted on, as well as changes made to the face of the advert.


This was featured on a Detroit page on the website Reddit, where someone wrote: “Joumana, that you taking out the competition?” This was a playful nod toward the famous Detroit-based lawyer, Joumana Kayrouz. However, one eagle-eyed user commented, claiming it wasn’t graffiti but was instead a marketing scheme, and wrote: “The law firm is doing this to get attention. Saw the exact same billboard with the exact same graffiti in Atlanta last weekend. There’s also one by the lodge and 8 Mile.” So, perhaps this is a case of marketing genius rather than a spiteful vendetta. For now however, no one really knows.


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