Creepy music plays out of abandoned Starlight Bowl theater – And no one knows why

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

It’s been over 10 years since the Starlight Bowl closed down and since then it’s become an abandoned wreckage. Despite some attempts to revitalize this once-glamorous San Diego hotspot, for now, it remains dormant. At the same time, it may not be completely dormant either. With Halloween around the corner, it seems the perfect time for some spooky goings on. This is because someone in the vicinity recently recorded footage of creepy music playing from the venue, with no one in sight.

The music in question was the iconic Charleston song from 1923 which uses brass instruments to create a dated ambience. Although this may not be too eerie under normal circumstances, it’s certainly odd hearing it at an abandoned amphitheater.

However, there may actually be a very mundane explanation. According to internet sleuths, sometimes abandoned venues play loud music to keep vagrants away. Specifically, this tactic is used to dissuade homeless people from settling near the area as the loud music may act as a deterrent to stop them from sleeping nearby. It could well be that this tactic was implemented by whoever owns the theater.

Similarly, it’s also possible that a bunch of eccentric music enthusiasts decided to put the amphitheater to good use. So, despite being a little unsettling from the outside, there’s probably a realistic reason for this to be taking place. On a final note, hopefully this once glorious bowl will get the regeneration it deserves in the near future.

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