Amazon truck crashes into infamous Louisville ‘Can Opener’ bridge

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

Over the years, Louisville locals have grown accustomed to the infamous ‘Can Opener’ bridge that has claimed various ‘victims’. This is when large trucks test their luck and go too far, by trying to drive under the bridge while being too tall to fit in. As you may have gathered, this is where the infamous nickname comes from.

Yesterday it was an Amazon Prime delivery truck that got stuck underneath the bridge and sadly, it won’t be the last vehicle to fall foul of the underpass either. The Can Opener is located at 3rd Street near the University of Louisville and has spawned countless memes and its own culture and folklore over the years by joking and over-excited locals.


Yesterday, this image and video were reported on the Can Opener Facebook page where residents discussed the situation. One local named Rose Raccoon joked: “Another PRIME meal for the Can Opener? The Lousiville Can Opener is eating pretty damn good today!”

Interestingly, the page has garnered well over 10,000 followers which is described as: ‘A group to share pictures and stories of how truck drivers still challenge this viaduct and fail. The beloved “Louisville Can Opener” on 3rd ST.’

Unfortunately, this won’t be the last truck to feature on the Can Opener and if it’s reputation is anything to go by, you can expect a similar sighting fairly soon.

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