Popular Oakland bar resorts to security guards to stop car break-ins

August 31, 2023 by No Comments

Over the years, Nido’s Backyard has fast become one of the most popular bars in the Oakland area. Although it has a loyal customer base, there has been one constant issue that has been offputting for punters.

This is the sheer amount of car break-ins that have regularly occurred due to the on-street parking. Here, potential thieves will target empty cars, smash their windows and steal their belongings. Obviously, if you’re a customer then this isn’t exactly a nice experience. Undoubtedly Nido’s will have lost revenue because of this.


As seen in the above flyer, this issue has now been resolved. Although, it may be a costly solution at that. Here, Nido’s has acquired a nearby parking lot which will be manned with paid security guards. Sadly, this is a necessary step to prevent break-ins which will have undoubtedly affected their custom over the past few years.

Reacting to this step, a local man named Mick Stanton said: “Overall it’s a good move. It’s kind of a shame that it had to come to this but at least it’s sorted now and safer for everyone.” It looks like his words speak for us all, and now customers can enjoy Nido’s in peace.


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