New Pizzava location announced in Reno

August 31, 2023 by No Comments

One of Reno’s most popular pizzarias has announced that it is expanding. This week, Pizzava made a public statement on their Facebook page, claiming that they would soon be operating out of another location in the Reno area. Specifically, this will be opening at the old Joe Bobs location on the corner of Prater and McCarran. For local foodies amongst us, you may recognize the old restaurant which offered tasty wings. Apparently, Pizzava will also be offering wings in their new location, so it’s definitely a win-win situation for Reno’s food lovers.


Commenting on the Facebook announcement, a local business owner named Adela Quiroz-Perez wrote: “If it’s where I think it will be, it’ll be a wonderful addition & maybe a good marketing opportunity(I have a business in the area.)” Not only this but the announcement was also met with a lot of support and anticipation from locals who applauded the expansion.

With this said, it looks as though there are a lot of happy, hungry residents who will be visiting this venue. Pizzava has long had a stellar reputation in Reno as one of the best pizza parlors in the city. It also helps that it’s a locally owned business which is a great look for the community.


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