New Mexican restaurant opens to rave reviews

August 31, 2023 by No Comments

A couple of weeks ago, a brand new restaurant quietly opened in Grand Rapids. If you didn’t happen to stumble across this joint, then the chances are that you won’t have heard of it. This is because it bizarrely opened with little fanfare. Not only this but it’s also located at the back of a supermarket. However, don’t let that put you off as it’s definitely earned ‘hidden gem’ status and has the locals raving about it.

So, if you’re a fan of Mexican food and live in Grand Rapids, then this is certainly a spot to check out in the near future. Located at 1000 W Fulton (across the street from the now-closed Dairy Queen), this restaurant has a large menu of tacos, asadas, sandwiches, and practically everything else that you can imagine.


As you’d also imagine with Mexican food, this also does a lot of vegetarian dishes too which is good if you’re not a meat eater. This review on Yelp says: “Our food was ready quickly and we enjoyed it in the dining area. The grocery store was pretty warm, but I didn’t mind. Plus it didn’t take us long to devour our tacos! These were some of the best tacos I’ve had in a while. Definitely on par with the former Taqueria San Jose. The meats were nicely cooked and seasoned, and the corn tortillas were really fresh and tender. The hot sauces and lime slices were a perfect addition.”

So, next time you’re around that part of town feel free to check it out. It could potentially become your next favorite spot for tacos and other Mexican delicacies.

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