Man walks 42 miles of San Diego in under one day

August 31, 2023 by No Comments

According to the County of San Diego, it measures roughly 65 miles from north to south. Yesterday, a San Diego resident named Tucker O’Neill walked a total of 42 miles from north to south and covered most of San Diego’s coastline in the process. This may not be for everyone but regardless, you can’t deny that this is quite an impressive distance.

This distance was mapped out on his Gaia GPS map which showed the walk in all of its glory. According to Tucker, the hike took a total of 17 hours, so this wasn’t your average stroll around the city. Nonetheless, it shows what can be accomplished with enough discipline, enthusiasm, and a good plan.


It turns out that Tucker has a knack for long-distance walking which is somewhat of a hobby of his. In fact, it is actually documented on his Instagram account where he goes on walks with his friends. Because of this, his distance and time is probably far better than the average distance that a normal, untrained person could cover which may be substantially less.

Still, this shows the power of training and willpower. Undoubtedly, he also reaped the rewards, as there’s a lot to cover in San Diego and some of its scenery (both urban and nature) is simply stunning.

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