Locals shocked to find out Sacramento Public Library offers Nintendo Switch games

August 31, 2023 by No Comments

In a revelation that might come as common knowledge to some, the Sacramento Public Library has emerged as a gaming haven, boasting an impressive array of Nintendo Switch titles available for loan, alongside titles for other gaming systems. Among the selection are numerous highly sought-after games, with standouts such as the acclaimed “Zelda Tears of the Kingdom” gracing the collection.

Surprisingly, this revelation comes in the wake of Switch prices whereby it costs $39.99 for a digital copy of “Disco Elysium.” Subsequently, this is available at the library, devoid of any holds, and is free to take out on loan. Speaking on this, one local named Jack Cutler said: “Wow, I never knew of this. As a gamer, this is great news!”

It should be noted, however, that certain popular titles are in hot demand. In other words, while this may come as news to some, it looks as though Sacramento gamers may have been using the library for some time. For instance, “Super Mario 3D All-Stars” has a waiting list of over 125 people.

It’s worth noting that these gaming treasures are available for a generous borrowing period of three weeks—a significantly more extended duration compared to the fleeting two or three nights typical of Blockbuster’s heyday. This borrowing duration serves as a boon to gaming aficionados, especially considering the steep price tags often associated with Nintendo Switch titles.

All in all, the Sacramento Public Library’s move to include such an expansive gaming collection adds a novel dimension to its services, catering to diverse interests and preferences in the ever-evolving world of entertainment.

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