Charleston locals rejoice as Iconic Coburg Cow defeats storm Idalia

August 31, 2023 by No Comments

As of this morning, the iconic Coburg Cow has remained intact, and Charleston locals are pleased that it has weathered the storm. This news comes after a torrential night of rain and heavy winds which got locals speculating as to whether the legendary cow would make it through the night. In fairness, you’d be correct in assuming that the weather could have downed it at some point. Clearly though, this cow is made of very strong stuff and stood its ground throughout.

Interestingly, this cow has been standing in Charleston for over 60 years and has lived through various storms and harsh terrains before. With this said, it’s not that unsurprising that the Coburg Cow defeated Idalia. Intriguingly though, the cow was removed for 2 years in 1989 when Hurricane Hugo hit.

Image // Reddit

For those wondering, the cow actually goes by the name of Bessie and is a big part of the community. Bessie was placed atop her elevated 10-foot platform along Savannah Highway in 1959, positioned at the entrance of the erstwhile Coburg Dairy. This establishment, initially a dairy farm, transitioned its operations to concentrate on disseminating dairy products across the southern region. Despite the relocation of the supplier to North Charleston and its transformation into Borden Dairy in subsequent years, Bessie remained in her original position.

Speaking on the recent storm, a local man named Mark Rogers had this to say: “I never doubted Bessie. It’s not the first storm she’s lived through and it won’t be the last either. It’s great.” For now at least, it looks like this cow is here to stay and will not be moved.

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