Bizarre moment chain flies off truck and dangerously hits passing car

August 31, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a car driving on the Eugene beltline got a chain whip hurled at it from a passing truck on the other side of the median. Here, the victim was minding their own business and heading towards Delta when the chain hit the windshield. Fortunately, it did not damage the windshield but could have easily caused a car accident under different circumstances.

Having said this, there was still noticeable damage done. The victim uploaded their footage to Reddit and had this to say: “I was heading west on the beltline toward Delta when a logging truck launched a chain over the median into my windshield. It took out a rearview mirror, if I was on a motorcycle I’d be in trouble. I did not get the license plate, unfortunately. Stay safe out there.”

As mentioned, the license plate was sadly not collected which is hidden by the median, combined with grainy footage. It is not known as to why the chain left the truck and there are two possible theories. The first is that it was thrown out of spite. Although deviant, this could have happened but we cannot say for sure. Secondly (and most likely), the chain snapped off at some point and happened to travel in the direction of the passing car. Even if this was the case, it is still negligible at best.


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