Austin Locals enjoy Super Moon at The Springs

August 31, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a rare supermoon lit up the Austin skies and made the night far lighter than usual. Capitalizing on this, literally hundreds of locals flocked to The Springs to enjoy a dip in the pool after dark. Although the supermoon played its part, The Springs were also supported by large lights that shone on the water. This created a brilliant atmosphere that included a mixture of people taking a dip, as well as others who chose to hang out on the steps for a chat.

Of course, this has always had its fair share of revelers but due to the supermoon, it meant that a lot more people turned up compared to usual. Combined with the hot summer air, The Springs offered a relaxing break from the heat.


An Austin local, Laura Haley was at The Springs and said this: “It was just a lovely atmosphere. Everyone there was having a good time and enjoying themselves. I wish it was a more regular thing and the moon made it even better.”

It’s fair to say that Austin has some really scenic beauty spots and lots of beautiful nature on offer. Sadly, sometimes people spend their time rushing around too much to enjoy it. In case you missed it, the next supermoon is scheduled until 2037.


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