Queens Graffiti lambasts NYC Mayor Eric Adams

August 30, 2023 by No Comments

Over the past few weeks, it’s fair to say that New York City Mayor Eric Adams hasn’t had an easy ride. This comes after his austerity plan which has seemingly taken away a lot of public funding from key areas such as schools, transport, and sanitation departments. As is often the case with these actions, there will always be a degree of public backlash.

Based on the image below, it looks as though the public has responded in the form of political graffiti. The image was spotted in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens and according to the photographer, similar statements had also cropped up around the surrounding areas.


As seen, the image boldly claims, “Eric Adams cuts resources that keep New Yorkers safe.” According to sources, the cuts have been justified in the name of housing New York’s recent migrant population where immigrants from poorer countries have entered the city en masse. Clearly, for any politician this is a juggling act, and Adams must tread carefully in terms of treating the migrants with care, while simultaneously still providing the correct degree of care for his city.

Having said this, since his austerity measures have been put into traction, a number of NYC residents have been annoyed about the lack of democracy surrounding the budget which seemed to happen very quickly without much acknowledgment of public opinion. While this isn’t a good look for Adams, the voting public of New York City will ultimately decide whether his job is safe in the near future.

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