Jacksonville customer confused after noticing $5 Service Department fee on receipt

August 30, 2023 by No Comments

Today, a Jacksonville customer voiced their confusion after getting billed with a surprise $5 fee after shopping at Winn Dixie for storm supplies. This was tagged onto the end of a $124.42 bill and was described as a ‘Service Department’ fee.

However, other than that, the receipt did not give out any additional information as to why it was added. Although this mystery was not solved, one theory is that it was used to describe a donation. Sometimes when people make a charitable donation with their purchases, they can be described under confusing terminology. As seen below, this is understandably quite confusing for your average customer.


In recent months, a number of customers have grown more tired of stealth fees added to their receipts which usually happens when eating at restaurants or bars. Here, a growing number of establishments have put on an extra few percent to earn more money. In fairness to Winn Dixie, it doesn’t look like this has gone on here and most likely, it looks to be another way of phrasing a donation.

Nonetheless, the customer in question is more than justified in questioning the origins of the service fee and on first glance, it certainly looks confusing and out of place. As is often the case with these kinds of stories, it’s perhaps best to speak to staff members first before jumping to conclusions as sometimes there genuinely is a simple explanation in life and not everything is sinister or money grabbing either.

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