Bleak photo shows barren cityscape after mass felling of trees

August 30, 2023 by No Comments

Although it’s a fairly urban city, it’s also true that San Antonio has plenty of green spaces, as well as natural beauty spots that boast pools, wildlife, and trees. However, if ever there was a depressing image to show how destructive people can be, then this would be it. The photo below first appeared on social media and is a snapshot of Highway 151 and its passing traffic. In the distance, it used to be a forest of oak trees. Now it is barren.

Of course, green areas have historically had to make way for societal development, and the very placement of Highway 151 would have originally taken place on the same set of trees that have been displaced decades later. Nonetheless, there is something quite depressing about the image which shows the destruction of natural beauty.


So, what is meant to replace the original trees? It has been known for some time that a Microsoft data center will be built there. On a brighter note, this will mean more jobs created for San Antonio which certainly isn’t a bad thing. Ironically however, Bill Gates has long been vocal about his support of green energy which goes somewhat against the felling of trees.

Irrespective of your stance on nature vs technology, this image shows that time marches on and that the landscape of San Antonio is once again being changed forever.

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