Bike lane reflective bollards installed on Pine Street

August 30, 2023 by No Comments

Today saw the installment of reflective bollards on Pine Street. These were put in place to highlight visibility for cyclists using the bike lane (which is directly alongside the car lane). Before their installment, the lane wasn’t really visible whereas now there is a clear barrier between the two. As a result, it is now much safer for all parties involved. Not only this, but the bollards also have reflective parts which makes them easier to spot while driving in the dark.

Overall, the move has been widely praised as a common-sense move that makes sense for everyone. Sometimes, people can be overly critical of city spending but we can all agree that this is a smart move with no downsides.


However, it’s not all good news. This installment is actually temporary and is a pilot scheme. In fact, they will be removed after September according to Parks and Recreation. Nonetheless, if this pilot is successful then hopefully it can be extended as a long-term, permanent fixture.

This shows a good approach to the cycling lanes in Anchorage. Compared to other US cities and states, Anchorage actually has some realistic policies and doesn’t just rely on painting the floor green either. Still, only time will tell to see whether these remain forever. On that note, watch this space as Anchorage’s transport infrastructure may be in for a shake-up.

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